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“Marylie and her Dream Team are simply AH-MAZING! That make you feel so comfortable and beautiful it’s impossible to have a bad experience. Plus your photos come out looking spectacular! I wanted to buy all of them. So seriously, go do it. Best decision I ever made.”

~Katlyn Lineberger

“Booking a shoot with Mary (and her amazing team) is a M
U S T ! A boudoir shoot is something I had tossed around for a long time, but made excuses of reasons why I should wait. Honestly who hasn’t been trying to loose that last 10 lbs for at least 2 years?! I’m definitely one of those people! I had followed her page for probably at least a year waiting for the “perfect conditions” to book, before I saw she had a last minute spot for the upcoming weekend to fill. I’m totally calling it fate, or maybe luck, because I decided to grab the spot with 4 days to prepare! It sounds crazy and last minute, but it truly did not matter, they made me look and feel like a million bucks!! My fears initally – I wasn’t tan, I didn’t have hair extensions in, eyebrows not done, and maybe most importantly, I had no idea what to wear! I’m going to say it again for the people in the back- IT DID NOT MATTER! None of these minor details, or excuses we have for not booking mattered one bit in the final result! All I had to do was show up, and Mary and her DREAM TEAM did the rest. I was very nervous the day before, but as soon as I arrived at the hotel, Abbey came to meet me downstairs and was instantly a breath of fresh air! She is so sweet, and helps answer all your questions you have before and after. Next, you meet Nina for hair and makeup- after you change into a pretty little black robe- that you get to keep (bonus!) and she gets to work her MAC magic! I couldn’t be happier with how my hair and makeup turned out! She is spot on, and I completely trusted her judgement and the look she went for. Finally, it was time to shoot! Mary and Abbey are there to help you go over all the outfit options which is nice! I went with their judgement, after all, they are the experts not me! I am a size 10 all day long, but your size has nothing to do with how your pictures will turn out! She makes girls of every shape and size beautiful- And that alone makes her worth every penny! I made sure to bring plenty of options, and just a FYI not JUST lingerie makes for good pictures. Both Mary and Abbey make you feel so good about yourself while shooting, you leave there having no choice other than to feel good, and loving yourself! I’m saying that as a huge skeptic of people who claim that, but Boudoir with Mary is 100% worth the hype! The only hard part to this shoot is waiting to see all your beautiful pictures at your reveal! Mary and her fabulous team have earned a lifetime customer, and I cant wait for my friends to share the same amazing experience that I did! You will leave there with a smile on your face, and what feels like a genuine new group of girls to add to your girl gang!”

~Marti Coldiron

“AMAZING TEAM! They made me feel great and she is an amazing artist. 10/10! This is a game changer, ladies.”

~Sarah Miller

“I saw my pics today and just wanted you to know that I was overwhelmed with delight at how they turned out. I had no doubt that they would be good, but I simply can not believe that was ME ! I never thought I’d buy a picture of myself to hang on a wall because that’s never what I’ve been about, but I did that today! I’m so proud to say there will be a huge pic of me in my soon to be house in Abilene. Shane was in awe , as I was, and it was so difficult to decide on our favorites. You ladies made me feel like a badass and a princess at the same time and I’m truly grateful for that. You not only have a great business, but you are also somewhat of a philanthropic entity the way you make women feel empowered and worthy and bring us back to the realization that we are all beautiful when we don’t always believe that we are. This experience has been a huge blessing and eye opener for me and I just wanted to say thank you.”

~Jennifer Garrison

“Every woman deserves to see how beautiful they truly are and no other photographer can capture someone’s inner and outer beauty like Mary can. She brings out the fire and strength in you. The pictures will take your breath away. Her team is amazing. Her hard work and passion show in every picture she takes.”

~Katy Devero

“If you are thinking of taking boudoir photos; don’t hesitate… choose Boudoir with Mary.

They were absolutely amazing from start to finish. Mary and her team are extremely professional and I look forward to working with them again in the future. Abby made me so relaxed from the time I arrived at my appointment until my very last pose. Nina did my make-up and it was flawless. Mary took the most AMAZING pictures…. they are STUNNING! Most importantly Boudoir with Mary is very classy!

Thank you, ladies for such a wonderful experience!”

~Mitzi Wright

“I am an extremely reserved person and never would have imagined doing something like this but I really wanted to do something special for my fiance as a wedding gift for him! From the second I stepped in the door I felt so comfortable with Abby and the rest of the team! They were all so nice and comforting and made me feel beautiful regardless of how nervous I was. My pictures turned out AMAZING and I cant wait for my future husband to see them!”

~Bailey Martin

“Marylie is so so talented and makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera. I was on awe when she revealed me the pictures from the shoot. She made me feel beautiful and powerful. I highly recommend doing a boudoir shoot with Mary and her team!”

~Jean Morris 

“I wanted to give my husband something fun for his 40th Birthday. I was a little nervous but Mary and her team made me feel very comfortable. All the way from my make up, hair, during the session they made sure everything was perfect. It was really fun! I love how you can just show up and they handle the rest.”


“This was clearly an experience like no other! I am not that feminine girl that knows how to flaunt beauty… in fact I didn’t feel like I had anything to flaunt til Mary and her team took over! From the moment I showed up at the shoot I was welcomed by complete professionals who immediately made me feel relaxed. Liberating to say the least also knowing that all I had to do was show up and they would take care of everything! From making me feel like it was just a bunch of friends hanging out to turning me into a confident woman is just unexplainable. Seeing a few sneak peaks made me shed a few tears….clearly Mary just has an amazing and totally flawless way of bringing out both inner and outer beauty from her camera lens…a MASTER in photography is what she is. Nina is a REAL artist with hair and make-up. I have used several makeup artists before and she is THE BEST hands down! I wish I had access to her everyday! Abby made the wheels turn from helping with coordinating outfits and everything in between to making me feel comfortable…SHE is the one you want by your side and she WILL be that day. These ladies are classy and the BEST in the industry!! You can tell they love what they do and do it well.
I definitely would do this all over again with this team and this team ONLY! Thank you ladies for an amazing and top notch experience!!!”

~Yesenia Smith

“This photo shoot was life changing! I was a bit nervous and timid at first, however, Mary, Nina and Abby made me feel comfortable in my own skin which is rare for me. By the end of it, I was laughing uncontrollably at them and myself. It was such a confidence boost and empowering! These women are extremely talented and I’m thankful I made the decision to take that step forward and share this experience with them! Please, if you haven’t done a photo shoot or if you’re thinking about doing a photo shoot, take that leap and just do it! I promise you won’t regret it!”

~Jessica Rivers

“Had such a fun experience doing this photo shoot. Mary was so professional and took amazing pictures. Tammy was amazing with my makeup. My husband was so excited and surprised to see the photos and wants more . I plan to use Mary for all my family photos in the future!”

~Sandy Johnston

“I loved working with Mary! She is very professional and understanding. She says she helps women feel beautiful- that’s completely true! I was a nervous wreck and she made me feel at ease the whole time. This was an amazing experience and one that I recommend for everyone. You won’t regret it!!!”

~Kellie Eubanks

“If you have ever thought about having an amazing, talented photographer capture your inner most beauty, then you need to meet Marylie. She has such an amazing eye for detail and captures the beauty that everyone else sees. The whole experience was so much fun! If you are the least bit interested, grab a girlfriend and be prepared for beauty, laughs and your innermost supermodel to be revealed.”

~Natalie Ford Huggins

“I’ve done 2 shoots with her and when I can get the time I’ll be back for a 3rd. Love her and her work! She really makes you look and feel like a Victoria Secret Model!”

~Amanda Pettitt

“She is seriously the most talented photographer with an amazing eye for detail. I was always so nervous to do a boudoir shoot, but she has a way of making you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world during your shoot & the pictures fully capture that beauty!!”

~Mindi Norris

“This girl is AMAZING!! Not only is she a very talented photographer, she has the ability to make you feel like you’re the only woman in the world. Love, love, love her!!” 

~Amy Smith Kail

“Absolutely loved my experience with Mary. Super professional and makes you feel super comfortable. I will definitely be booking with her again.”

~Kristin Frazier

“I had such a wonderful experience with both the makeup artist and Mary, I was absolutely floored by how beautiful they both made me look in these pictures. Both ladies made me feel gorgeous and truly comfortable in my skin. I am not a size 2 skinny gal, and it didn’t matter – Mary made sure that I had the best poses to accent my curves and bring out the most beautiful side of me. I am truly happy with my experience and so glad it I finally did it. I promise you will be pleased and so happy with these sexy, stunning, beautiful pictures!”

~Sheryl Mclemore Saton

“I have personally worked with Marylie a few times and she has beyond superseded my expectations. She is professional, makes you feel comfortable, and really captures emotions in the most beautiful way. Do yourself a favor and invest in her good work…you will not be disappointed!”

~Katie Goff

“Personally working with Mary I can say without a shadow of a doubt that she will bring out of you what you never thought possible. She pays attention to the smallest of details and keeps everything calm and balanced. Her talent is far superior to most and the quality of her work is proof of that.”

~Barb Laue

“This was absolutely the most amazing photo session I have ever been a part of. Mary and the makeup artist do such a fantastic job making you feel comfortable during the whole experience. It was fun, sassy, classy and sexy! If you have ever wanted to be apart of one of these but you feel nervous or scared, do yourself a favor and book a session with Mary! You will not regret it! She will make you feel like you own the room! Book one today!”

~Cassey Amburn

“This was one of my absolute favorite shoots ever…I can’t tell you how amazing it was to work with Marylie Labonne Thompson, she is a genius with her creativity and her look on everything she does. There are not enough words to explain how comfortable and beautiful she made me feel.”


“I can say first hand that Barb Laue and Marylie Labonne Thompson will make you feel comfortable. They will guide you through the process, tell you how to pose, and make sure you look fantastic. I’m a size 8, 145lbs, completely natural, have stretch marks and cellulite, and I loved every minute of my session. I was amazed at how well the pictures turned out. We are all self conscious, but this experience allows you to see yourself differently. It’s empowering and inspiring.”


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